Like Shit (2014)

by Nonpronto

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Nonpronto's second release. A 5-song EP.


released January 14, 2014

Dan Collins - Keyboards, Vocals
Josh Murtha - Bass, Backing vocals
Luke Angle - Drums, Backing vocals

Music and lyrics by Daniel Collins (ASCAP) and Joshua P. Murtha (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Dan Collins (1, 2, 3, 5) and
Josh Murtha (2, 4)
Horns arranged by Josh Murtha.

Paul Murtha - Trumpet
James Hammond - Tenor saxophone
Josh Torrey - Trombone
Dan Meinhardt - Bari saxophone

Mix and master:
Alan Roy Rodriguez Ponce (1), Tim Angsten (2, 4), John Lardinois (3, 5).
Album mastered by Tim Angsten of Tim Pan Alley Productions.

Album photography by Owen Stevenson. Design by Dan Collins.

Recorded October 14th, 2013 in Luke's living room.



all rights reserved


Nonpronto Chicago, Illinois

Piano-driven pop-rock trio from Chicago.

Dan Collins: Vocals/Piano
Josh Murtha: Bass
Reuben Garza: Drums


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Track Name: Call Me Tonight
I'm sitting with my phone waiting for it to ring
Your voice is what I want now more than anything
I'm losing all my patience; it's just me and my drink

I pace around the kitchen, open up the fridge once or twice
This insanity distracts me from my actual life
All I want is to hear you say your day was alright

So call me, call me tonight
Don't let me go to bed without saying goodnight
Call me, call me tonight
Please baby won't you, baby won't you call me tonight?

Distracting actions are the only thing that keep me from
Driving up the interstate and to your house so late in the night
So make it easier and speak your words to me through these wires

The turning hands can't convince me that it's time for some sleep
I'll stay awake all night and wait until your 6 alarm rings
And maybe then my heart will slow and I can finally dig in to my sheets

Stars, like salt in the sky
The moon, substantially bright
I wanna know that we're looking at the same sky
Send our voices through the air, carry 'em way high
Track Name: Simpler Time
When I think back to my young years
Everything feels so detached
So many stories and so many memories
that I am finding hard to bring on back

So I need some help remembering
With photo books and old magazines
Pop me back like a tape cassette
And let me relive my dreams

So I can go back to the simpler time
When life was something I could still understand
And the future was mine
Back before things got out of hand

Faces of friends are all fading fast
Like photos from the analog age
They yellow and tear and I lose a few
Every time I turn a new page

Time doesn't stop, no it doesn't slow
You can't push rewind
So I keep what I can and I carry on
And I leave the rest behind
Track Name: Like Shit
I see you in a different light now that I know you're not alright. You were cool before I learned how you were politically aligned.

Now I've got to reconstruct; I'll treat you like a stranger, soon enough. I hope someday I'm not this shallow anymore.

I don't wanna be like this. I don't wanna treat you like shit.

You know I watch the news sometimes, it always fails to make me feel sublime. Reading all the stuff that encourage us to choose a side.

I know you might disagree, you tell me to stand by my beliefs. But do I really have to push away a human being?
Track Name: Mountain
The path that lies ahead of us is steeper and less kind
Than the old well traveled road that you chose to leave behind
But I know that if we set out now, the things that we could find
Could make it worth the effort, cause I know it’s worth the time

And from way down here the mountain seems so high
From the bottom you can’t see the view
But even if the walk is hard I’ll try
As long as I am walking next to you

If the storm clouds gather, turn the sky a scary shade of grey
And the cold rain soaks our clothing and puts puddles in our way
I’ll find a place for you and me to huddle up and stay
Until the earth is dry again, another sunny day

When your feet they start to ache,
And your back’s about to break,
You're slipping every step you take
Just reach out your hand

I'll hold you up and stand you tall
Make sure that you never fall
Cause you know I understand
Track Name: Only Fantasy
Don't you look at me like you can't see the trouble that's inside.
You know that it can't be like it seems; it's simpler from outside. But I won't let you in.

It's much easier to say it like I am, although it's hard to understand.
I'm safe behind the music, and other cliches like that. It's hard to feel calm.

Maybe I don't want this relieved
It's hard enough in the way I dream
The outcome is just self-perceived
The conclusion is only fantasy

I'm retrospecting, looking at a 12 year old who was never really free. The nice young doctor took him for a walk, convinced him that he could change anything. How don't you think?

What if we all said what we were thinking? Would it be that hard?
Or maybe we could all wear t-shirts spelling out our deepest deepest darks. What would yours read?