Nonpronto EP (2013)

by Nonpronto

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Nonpronto's first release. A 5-song demo/EP.


released June 10, 2013

Dan Collins - Vocals, Keyboards
Josh Murtha - Bass
Luke Angle - Drums

Music by Nonpronto
Lyrics by Dan Collins (1, 2, 5) and
Josh Murtha (3, 4)

Trumpet and saxophone recorded respectively
by William Miller and James Hammond (1, 5)

Horn parts written by Josh Murtha
Horns engineered by Owen Stevenson (1, 5)

Drums, bass, and piano recorded at Matty Wilkinson’s
Plaid Pad in Chicago, IL on February 24, 2013

Drums, bass, and piano engineered and recorded by
Eric Sherman

Vocals and electric keyboard recorded
by Dan Collins at The Dotted Note Studios

Album mixed/mastered by Alan Roy Rodriguez Ponce
at The Dotted Note Studios



all rights reserved


Nonpronto Chicago, Illinois

Piano-driven pop-rock trio from Chicago.

Dan Collins: Vocals/Piano
Josh Murtha: Bass
Reuben Garza: Drums


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Track Name: Serendipity
The sun is hotter than it’s ever been
I’ll wait inside for the Chicago wind
That I’ve been told about many times before
And I could surely use it at my door

I bike up California Avenue and I peruse through all of the new storefronts and street views
This new sense of direction is refreshing like a mint infused beverage on a summer’s afternoon

I go along with the flow of things, like a river in a big ravine
Content being just a stream
We should take notes on neutrality, like the birds and the bees an trees
Content with serendipity

Sparks on train tracks, now that’s a new sight; in fact, I didn’t even know they did that
But now I do
All these observations, creating this new adaptation of me
C'est la vie

You hear these sounds, they're like something new
Pipe dreams emerge, and back-burners too
We've been waiting for the routine days to pass
Believe me, I hope this feeling lasts
Track Name: Uninvited September
Uninvited September is getting really near, but I'm not gonna let it in this year.
The leaves they will remain, and the heat will do the same. No school for kids, at home they'll stay.

Stay away September. You aren't welcome in my city.
Why don't you ride a rocket to the sun, and no I won't come.
Stay away September, chill out with October. Could you tell November that he and December aren't welcome until I say?

Where's Mr. Magical Weather Man when I want him? He could wave his wand and freeze this forecast now.
Instead I've gotta play the enemy, and greet this month less than friendly. Holding up a sign saying turn around.

I slept with my window cracked last night and woke up tight in my own hold. I felt my face and such enough it was unusually cold.
How could I've possibly avoided such a thing? I put my fists in the air, protesting all the changes that this month would surely bring.
Track Name: Skeletons
Too many skeletons in your closet
you’ve kept them locked away for years
in that small dark room where you deposit
a lifetime’s worth of hope and fears

Open up the doors and show your past the light of day
and all the hurtful history you’ve tried to keep at bay
will crumble into dust and ash and then be swept away

It can’t hurt you now...

They’re hung on hangers, stacked in piles
In the corners of your mind
The bones of half-truths and denials
you hoped no one would ever find

I don't know why I've waited for so long, behind the eyes and behind the songs
Track Name: Song I Couldn't Write
The song I couldn’t write today
had lyrics that I couldn’t say
and chords my hands just wouldn’t play
But it would have been for you

You’re my muse and inspiration,
And that song it was a dedication,
But something got lost in translation
it didn’t make it through

With lyrics sweeter than your eyes
And chords like laughter, harmonized
A rhythm like the lullabies that mothers sing at night
I'm writing you the song I couldn't write

The melody has drifted past
It came and went away so fast
I called out to it, It just laughed,
and it whistled right along

But years from now when it comes around
I’ll wrestle it and I'll tie it down
And force it to reveal its sound
What a pretty little song

Right now, I think that's it out- the song that I've been hunting for
I'm back on the ground, my feet have been found; picking the the words off the floor

I’ll call you up out of the blue
I’ll say its me, and you’ll say ‘who?’
And on the phone I’ll sing to you
You'll hear the whole thing through
I'm singing you the song I couldn't write
Track Name: Sweet Times Run
Something in the air is full of promise yet regret. Could it be the local brewery? I could stay outside all night with friends like family, drinking pints and smokey scotch whiskey.

But it's not about the weather or whether or not we're young; it simply has to do with the fun. The company is there and that's all that need be done; watch as the sweet times run.

We'll meet up in Logan Square, try out the new age pub, then we'll stumble out into my neighborhood. Regardless of what happens next, I know we'll have a ball. Someday we'll tell our kids we've done it all.

Tell me now that you feel well, this much it must be true. That horn-filled bridge could cure bad attitude.
If you're still down in the dumps something has to be wrong, so find a friend and sing with them this song.