True Blue Sessions (2014)

by Nonpronto

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Songs recorded live at a tattoo parlor beneath Luke's apartment. Videos here:


released April 2, 2014

Music and lyrics by Josh Murtha (ASCAP) and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Music by Dan Collins (ASCAP), Josh Murtha (ASCAP), and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Audio mixed by Nonpronto, mastered by Tim Angsten of Tim Pan Alley Productions.



all rights reserved


Nonpronto Chicago, Illinois

Piano-driven pop-rock trio from Chicago.

Dan Collins: Vocals/Piano
Josh Murtha: Bass
Reuben Garza: Drums


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Track Name: Out of Town
By now you oughta know 'cause I told you long ago
That I would hit the road, pack up and go
Things have been so wrong for so very very long
I'm sick of always feeling so low

And by now you oughta see 'cause it's very plain to me
I should up and leave, just blow this scene
I hear the lies you spin, the veneer of truth is thin
And I don't know what I should believe

So I gotta get outta town
You can look around
I'm nowhere to be found
Cause I'm outta town

By now you realize and you shouldn't be surprised
You've seen it with your eyes, I wasn't telling lies
I made up my mind just to leave it all behind
No goodbyes, I'm just cutting ties

I can't take it anymore
So I left this letter at your door
To tell you why I'm not around
Cause I getting out, getting out of town
Track Name: What It Is
Don't call me baby
I've been grown now for a while
Don't call me darling
And treat me like a child

Don't call me dear
Because it's cheap and insincere
Let's you and me get one thing clear

Don't call me names
Don't play those game
Don't put a little label on me
You can call me who I am
And we can call it what it is
Yes, we can call it off and we can both be free

Don't call me honey
Because that sweetness has grown sour
Don't tell me I'm your sunshine
I'm getting darker by the hour